Bloopers, Miscellaneous Info, etc...
On occasion, funny, odd things happen that raise a few eyebrows in the newsgroup and other message boards.  Some bloopers that caused such confusion:
"Reruns" refer to the Comedy Central/E! 60 minute versions.  Jump to:   2000 - 2001
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                                                                                                                 2002 - 2003

2003 - 2004 SNL Season 

Jack Black
Jeff Richards' commentary a Rush Limbaugh is cut in reruns.

Kelly Ripa
Horatio Sanz's Jimmy Buffett song parodies are cut in reruns.

Elijah Wood
Jimmy's parody of John Mayer is cut in reruns.

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Bit where guitars are thrown at Jimmy is cut in reruns.

Megan Mullally
Fred Armisen's Native American character, Billy Smith, is cut in reruns.

Colin Firth
Horatio Sanz as Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson, is cut in reruns.

Ben Affleck
Finesse Mitchell's commentary is cut in reruns.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Jimmy's musings on Brad Pitt in Troy are cut in reruns.

2000 - 2001 SNL Season

10-7-00  Rob Lowe  
       At the end of the live show, Tina turns to Jimmy and says in a high voice, "We're set baby!"  This was muted for reruns.  As this was the very first Fallon-Fey Update, they were still working out the kinks.  For example, at the end of each joke Jimmy would say, "Tina?" It was very awkward.  Another interesting fact: this is the only Update in which they say "..and when we get's news" after introducing themselves.

10-21-00  Dana Carvey
        Tina isn't wearing her glasses throughout the entire Update.

11-4-00  Charlize Theron
        Jimmy loses his place on the cue cards during a Clinton joke about putting a sock on the door and ruins the joke.  Also, Tina gets up and runs off stage before Update ends.

11-11-00  Calista Flockhart  
        In the live show, after the Charlie's Angels bit, Tina was mistakenly on camera when Jimmy was about to start his next joke, and she said to the cameraman, "No, it's the other dude."  Jimmy's response is still in the reruns, he says "thanks, Tina."  Watch this cut mistake

11-18-00  Tom Green
        During Jimmy's "Gossip Report" in the live show, the sound effects were out of sync with his hand motions.  This was corrected for reruns.

12-16-00  Lucy Liu
        Tina appears to be unaware that Jimmy is going to start jumping around during the U2 song.  When he gets up, she looks off camera and asks someone "What is he doing?!"  She's also trying to light a lighter and wave it in the air, but can't get it lit and gives up.

1-13-01  Charlie Sheen  
        After Katherine Harris' commentary, the following dialogue is cut from reruns: 
KATHERINE HARRIS: You know what, Jimmy? Cheech called..
FALLON: No, no! Please, that's enough! Katherine Harris, everybody! Cheech?
FEY: Cheech Marin? You look like Pee-Wee Herman!   Watch this cut dialogue

1-20-01  Mena Suvari
        At the end, when Jimmy and Tina are signing off, Tina mistakenly says "I'm Jimmy Fallon" at first.

2-10-01  Jennifer Lopez   Watch Rasheed Jenkins on Live
        Dress rehearsal footage is used for both Wilson, the Volleyball's appearance and Rasheed Jenkins.  In the live show, Rasheed was wearing a suit jacket which is missing in reruns.  Also, dress rehearsal sign-offs were used for reruns. They say, "I'm Jim Fallon and I'm Tin Fey."

2-24-01  Katie Holmes
        A video screen is lowered and then raised at the beginning for no apparent reason.

3-17-01  Julia Stiles
        The live show started out all messed up.  The wrong keys (pictures) appeared and the camera man didn't know who was about to speak.  Everything was corrected for reruns.

4-7-01  Alec Baldwin
        At the end of a John Rocker joke Tina adlibs, "all homos over 14 will be given a bat."  This was muted for reruns.

5-12-01  Lara Flynn Boyle 
        Tina's first joke about Dick Cheney "dropping the extra 175 pounds that have been weighing him down" was pulled from the NBC rerun.  The cut was made most likely because it was re-aired close to 9-11-01.

2001 - 2002 SNL Season

9-29-01  Reese Witherspoon 
        Jimmy stares at his hair and fixes it during a few jokes.  Jimmy & Tina adlib on the hair fixation: "What is wrong with my hair?" "You should've spent more money on that wig."  The "And....Scene!" bit was a throwback to Second City and other improv training groups to mean that the scene was over and the whole thing was just an act. I've also read that the "moose" bit was an inside joke to a specific improv group.  Jesse Jackson's commentary is cut from this rerun, but oddly appears in the Gwyneth Paltrow rerun instead.

10-13-01  Drew Barrymore
        At the end, when Neil Diamond is singing to Gay Hitler, Jimmy prompts Will Ferrell for a joke by saying "It's Gay Hitler."  Will then adlibs "Don't do it, Gay Hitler" while singing.  Jimmy's prompt is muted for reruns.

11-3-01  John Goodman  
        Tina's joke in which she called Will Smith a "huge dick" was pulled for reruns and replaced with the following dress rehearsal joke: "On Wall Street, Weight Watchers has announced an initial public offering.  Analysts expect the stock price to drop right away and then just gain it all back over the next year."

11-10-01  Gwyneth Paltrow  
     Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg have commentary on the live show which is cut in reruns.  Jesse Jackson commentary from the Reese Witherspoon Update is placed in the rerun.

11-17-01  Billy Bob Thornton  
        The Harry Potter commentary/tricks were lifted word for word from Rachel Dratch & Tina Fey's stage show Dratch & Fey.

12-8-01  Hugh Jackman
        Fake snow left over from the Goulet skit drops from the ceiling not once, but twice on Tina.  The second time is more noticeable because she seems startled and looks down.

12-15-01  Ellen DeGeneres
        Tracy Morgan's commentary about romantic holiday gifts is cut from reruns.

1-12-02  Josh Hartnett 
        Maya Angelou's greeting cards commentary is cut from reruns.

1-19-02  Jack Black
        At the start of  'I Have An Opinion,' the applause sign doesn't light up in the studio audience, so no one claps.  Jimmy continues to adlib about the lack of applause.  Also, at the end, Jimmy takes off his suit before they cut to commercial and Tina slaps his ass.  Dress rehearsal footage is used for the "Oh Snap!" bit as well as Tenacious D's performance and sign-offs in reruns.

3-2-02  Jonny Moseley    Watch Dress Pie Bit
        People are confused as to whether Jimmy was really angry at the pie-thrower or if the whole thing was a joke.  It was done exactly the same in dress rehearsal (keep reading).  As the camera pans out after they sign off, Tina & Jimmy both examine his pie-covered crotch.  In reruns, Will & Amy as the Canadian skaters are cut and dress rehearsal footage is used for Jimmy's pie bit--they spliced together dress footage with the end of the live show.

3-16-02  Ian McKellen  
After the infamous kiss (which was planned, along with the "knighted" line), Jimmy adlibs  "or did I just get queened?"  Tina seemed surprised by his adlib as well by responding, "that's good!"   Jimmy delivered the exact same punch line for the Martin Landau joke in the Jack Black episode.  In reruns, everything after the Paula Jones/Tonya Harding bit is cut.

4-6-02  Cameron Diaz 
        Geraldo & Jasper Hahn's segment are cut in reruns. Also, the Ian McKellen signoffs are used.

4-13-02  The Rock 
        In the live show, Jimmy says "Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow" rather than Tina. On the NBC rerun, dress rehearsal sign-offs are used, which didn't include the bit with Tina getting up and dancing with Gene Shalit.

2002 - 2003 SNL Season

10-19-02  Sen. John McCain  
File under random was Tina singing the Iraqi Idol: Saddam-A Moment Like This.

11-2-02  Eric McCormack  
Tina did a similar rant on the Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" in her stage show with Rachel Dratch, Dratch & Fey.        

12-14-02  Al Gore  
        Jimmy seems to be purposely abandoning his trademark pencil throw at the end of Update from now on.  He also did a Norm MacDonald exit.  After this show they began the creativity with the pencil... see the FAQ for the complete list.

1-11-03  Jeff Gordon  
        Gay Hollywood Hitler's bit is cut from reruns.

1-18-03  Ray Liotta   
        Tracy Morgan's commentary on affirmative action is cut in reruns.  This marks the first time Tina blew a joke.

2-8-03  Matthew McConaughey
Tracy Morgan's commentary as Joseph Jackson is cut in reruns.  

2-15-03  Jennifer Garner  
        Burt Bacharach's commentary is cut from reruns.

3-8-03  Queen Latifah
        Horatio Sanz's commentary as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns.  At the end of the dress version, Tina can be heard booing him.  Also, Chris Parnell's Broadway bit is dress as well.  The bit is much longer, stating that he can be seen in an "off off (x10) Broadway play."  Jimmy then tells him to "get out."

3-15-03  Salma Hayek
        Fericito & Lupe's appearance are cut from reruns.  In addition, Amy Poehler's bit as Avril Lavigne is cut as well.

4-12-03  Ray Romano  
         There was no sound effect when Jimmy punched Tina.  Twice.  Tina and Jimmy continue to adlib about the sound effects mishap and do the bit again with working sound.

5-3-03  Ashton Kutcher 
        Both Liza Minnelli/David Gest and the SARS prevention song are dress rehearsal versions in reruns.